Windows XP Upgrades - The Vista Isn't Pretty

If you’re considering a new computer or updating to Vista, I urge you to consider checking your applications and seeing if they will work on Linux or MacOS. One big application of note is OpenOffice, it is a better choice than Microsoft Office. If there is no software forcing you to continue using Windows, plan your next upgrade to be MacOS or Linux, preferably Linux - MacOS has some of the same vendor-lockin issues as Windows. If you have XP and are still locked-in because of third party programs I recommend holding out to switch or use a virtual machine to run Windows in. I started doing this at work and its working very well on dual-core machines that have tons of memory. Vista is a small upgrade to Windows XP with a big pricetag and some mis-features that affect your ability to make use of your computer. Vista is basically playing catch-up with Mac and Linux desktop features. There is one exception for me so far that is at work - I don’t use it on my desktop personally but as an administrator it allows further control of employees computers than XP does. For more negative coverage of Vista see here:, ` <>`__Wikipedia Windows Vista on Wikipedia .

Here are the best operating systems to use on your home computer: Kubuntu GNU/Linux Ubuntu GNU/Linux Freespire GNU/Linux

Redhat GNU/Linux

Fedora GNU/Linux

Apple MacOS (Only works on Apple hardware, not the best choice but certainly better than Vista).