Windows 7 Review

Windows 6.1 AKA Vista 2 AKA Windows 7 has been out for a while , figured it's about time for a review.

Imagine your current version of Windows XP, with decorations updated to circa 2001 Apple or 2003 Linux. They added new looks for the BSODs, re-arranged the control panel and start menu to keep you on your toes. Driver issues take me back to win98 and DOS! It's thrilling having to use regedit all the time, and go on week-long Googles to figure out and find a driver that will work. Their slow move to 64bit makes the effort that much more fun. On installation, I really like how it trashes the MBR on C: when you tell it to install on D: . Its hilarious how many fewer clicks reboots and general effort go into a Ubuntu or OS X install compared to this. Another fun area is how they managed to make Explorer so slow and strange compared to past versions, I wonder how long it took them to figure out how to prevent it from connecting to Samba. It's been great for coffee breaks, I can't figure out how to print, use network servers or open files so there's that much more downtime to go on breaks. Thanks Window 7!