Useful Browser Plug-ins I Use in 2015

The web can be a much faster place with no tracking if you get the right stuff setup. These are all for Firefox, some are available on Chrome and Safari as well (IE is not safe for computers on a network so we'll ignore it).

Mandatory add-ons:

┬Áblock This is an ad blocker, it works on all browsers
Ghostery This is a tracker blocker - you need to tweak the settings at first: add all blocks,  block first party trackers and add deleting flash and silverlight cookies on exit.  Note this will break "Remember Me" on many sites.
NoScript This is a tool that makes you have to manually enable scripts on sites. Many sites will be broken initially with this one, it requires active input at least on the first visit.

Additional ones I use:

Mozilla Archive Format this is a good page saving tool
Requestpolicy this is a good tool like NoScript but it blocks all content that isn't from the site itself. It's very similar to NoScript.
Classic Theme Restorer restores some old Firefox features
Disable CTRL+Q Prevents exiting with the keyboard. Because W is so close to Q.

This one is for development:

DOM Inspector

One I don't use much anymore but can be very useful is Stylish it lets you modify how pages appear and can be handy for fixing weird holes created by adblockers. Don't like a sidebar on a site? get rid of it with this.