The Top Secret Number One Never Mentioned SEO Trick

You sit through pitches explaining dozens of technical changes, keyword analysis, advanced analytics blah blah. The monkeys writing spend more time editing alt tags and counting words than actually writing. Trending hashtags and top ten lists are suddenly half of your articles. All the while there’s a little known method of getting high ranking while ignoring the SEO gore.

Make compelling content.

If you do this you can bypass all other SEO. Or at least take the pressure off it, it’ll still boost your ranking. Unfortunately there are two caveats; first is that “if you build it they will come” doesn’t work if you’re starting from zero and second is going into the dangerous waters of figuring out who you want to compel.

If you’re new or small it’s very tough. No amount of great content will get visitors or ranking. Yes an incredibly well done SEO job will move you up but probably not enough to help you unless you’re very famous or niche. At this point following basic SEO guidelines and paying Google or Facebook is the only decent way to get some initial traffic. Another option is if you have a clear mission, hire one or more of the top writers in your domain.

Everyone thinks our site needs the most traffic ever! The problem is eventually you realize you’re not TMZ or Buzzfeed or NYT and you have to find the place between compelling and quality that you belong in. Hopefully at this point someone higher up has a concrete vision to shape your site.