Steve Jobs Was Right

I hate to agree, but Flash sucks, it's always sucked and it will never stop sucking. It doesn't belong on any low-powered device where battery life is a concern and leaking memory is unacceptable. Flash is the only thing that consistently crashes my phones. I've overclocked them 150% , installed questionable kernel versions and test apps that I was sure would cause a crash. But again and again, Flash on websites always crashes.

But what does work amazing? Not apps. The open web. Yeah it doesn't look that great in many cases. But mobile apps are a step backwards. Remember when the PC/Mac app users gradually moved to using the web instead of apps? The gradual move away from vendor-lockin, multiple compilers/targets, inability to view your own data and general incompatibility is bound to come to phones as well. The question is how long will it take?