Speedup The Web - Great Browser Add-on

This is the first thing to install once you've installed Firefox - Adblock Plus. It selectively blocks ads and annoying parts of webpages. Say you frequent a site with a useless marquee, weather button or other piece of junk , with this program added to Firefox you can just right-click on the part you don't like and block it. It works on Flash, Java applets and other content as well. By default it blocks 99% of webads so it really speeds up browsing. I don't understand why it's not part of Firefox already , it's the most popular add-on available. I've only run into one issue with it, I had a very wide match in the filter list, *advertisement* and I was working on a page on a website that was of samples of print ads, it took me about an hour before I realized why I couldn't see the images. It's easy to disable it per-site anyways, if you really like a site you can disable it so they make money from the ads.

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