NVIDIA Still the Best Bet on Linux, ATI Catching Up Though

Comparing the two binary drivers, on several Linux operating systems over the past year, I have to strongly recommend NVIDIA based graphics cards over AMD/ATI. While RadeonHD is progressing fast and AMD's recent opening of their documentation should be great in the future, right now fglrx is terrible compared to nvidia's package. You have to cross your fingers from version to version and hope Xorg still works after updates.

Some major ATI issues:

- dualhead isn't quite there (RadeonHD does it better).
- little settings in amdcccle, and the program frequently doesn't work.
- strange visual artifacts and glitches (improving greatly from version to version).
- installation and packaging issues are easy for experienced users but not Ubuntu users. I've lost count of how many times gdm fails after an update and I have to hand-pick the older fglrx driver and appropriate kernel to get back up and running.