Mac you are a PC. And you both suck.

Mac v PC used to mean something. But not anymore. Macs are PCs. In the past they were not the same, the Macs used different processors and motherboards and came with high-end memory and disks on all models. For quite a long time a stock Mac was far better than a stock PC. You could sort of equip a PC with similar hardware but it still wouldn't be the completely the same. That all changed and Macs started coming with cheap "regular" PC parts, then a few years later they completely switched to selling 100% "PC" computers.

Today when you buy a Mac PC instead of a Windows PC, you are getting a couple things you don't get with a "PC":

The biggest differences:

Some other things you usually get with a Mac:

Macs and Windows PCs all suck. If you want a PC that doesn't suck buy a box from Newegg or NCI and install Linux on it.