Long Term Support

I wish projects would put the latest two versions on long term support permanently if they have a major difference between them. Say like KDE3 and KDE4 situations. Things missing in KDE4 can drive users nuts! I know it can feel wasteful fixing stuff in the "old" version when there is the new one with much better core code, and yes in FLOSS projects it's even harder to make a demand like this when some people are volunteering their time, or companies volunteering their people. But the users are the most important part of the software, and unless you've got a seriously problematic codebase in the old tree, supporting it for a long time will really help your users. If feature or UI differences abound between the editions,  I think it would be best to support the current and last major branch , always. This keeps coming up for me as I work on Pana - I keep finding little things that are tempting to rip out or do major clean-up on. Then I remember why I set it up to begin with - because I don't like the change of moving from version 1 to 2, and probably every user of the program has that as their single reason for using it. So I am treating the old version as a feature frozen one, to be supported indefinitely. The only thing I could imagine that would stop me is if an external change made it extremely difficult to keep working - like major distributions not supporting KDE3 compatibility or something of that gravity.