Editing Timestamps on Trackpoints in Viking

I use Viking GPS data editor and analyzer  for tracking bike rides and routes. My GPS and phone keep dying and I wanted to fix some tracks.  So I looked at the source and changed it to allow editing the time on points. It's a simple two-line change there is …

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NVIDIA Optimus on Linux with no Bumblee !

I was trying to figure out three-head setup and found out my notebook only does it if Optimus is on, so I enabled it and nuked my X config. Rebooted and then plugged in all the monitors, let nvidia-settings create a config file - it just worked, it made the proper …

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Eventually, No Security Measures Will Help Your System

"When in doubt, use brute force." - with scalable distributed power the rate per second is mostly limited by cost , or the size of your botnet. Sure a login rate limiter or IP whitelist will help but in some cases that's impractical. If you are lucky enough that the attacker has …

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OCZ Vertex 4 SSD on Fedora Linux Benchmark

I needed more space for something so I grabbed a 256GB Vertex 4 to replace a 128GB. Looks promising so far , write speed is much faster , almost 100MB/s over the 128GB . See OCZ Vertex 4 128GB

Version 1.96 ------Sequential Output------ --Sequential Input- --Random-
Concurrency 1 -Per Chr- --Block-- …

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OCZ Vertex 4 SSD Benchmark on Linux

Just got one of these OCZ Vertext 4 SSDs to replace an Agility model which was pretty amazing. The write speed is advertised as slower but more consistent with different kinds of data. bonnie++ run:

Note you should update the firmware on this drive before using it, they doubled the …

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