Fun With 32 bits on Linux

Wanting to be able to use as much memory as possible, I'm running 64-bit Linux. I ran into a teeny little problem the other day that caused major headaches. Needing ATI or NVIDIA binary drivers in order to use anything 3d, naturally i install the 64-bit driver. But the OS base install picked up Mesa GL 64 and 32, 32 because you need an assload of libraries to support crap software that is taking forever to be ported to 64-bit.

So all goes well, fglrxinfo shows me nice version numbers and that it's using the ATI GL.

I run some 3d programs and they run like shit! I'm talking 1-2FPS in situations where 20 would be feeling slow normally.

It took me two days but heres what happened. 32-bit GL apps I was running were picking up the OS Mesa GL libraries. And the OS had no reason to install parts of fglrx 32bit, which has the good libraries. The 64-bit fglrx install replaced the Mesa 64 bit libraries fine.

glxgears with Mesa32: 59fps
glxgears with 64-bit fglrx and 32-bit ATI GL libraries: 4800fps

So I install the fglrx-libraries for 32bit and all the 3d programs and games are back to normal.

P.S. to this is during the two day nightmare I ended up testing Vista with some of the same apps I am using on Linux and was saddened but at the same time happy to find the ATI driver and 3d programs had tons of visual bugs and performance in some parts was notably worse than Linux. I may test XP next and see how it goes.