For all it's success the web has failed in a huge area, readability. Most sites layout at 10-14 size and are completely fucked up if you have picked your own. As a person with vision issues, I pick defaults that are much bigger - 16-20 for all text. Most site's design makes them unusable when you increase the font, they don't add scrollbars for overflow, or let the boxes overflow so you can scroll with the browser. On several major US sports sites I have basically given up, if I even go one font size larger I can't see score charts or read article text. So I bookmarked other sites where my default font works.

That's all fine and good, where you leave "let sites pick their own fonts" turned on. Turn it off because you have bad vision and the web is nearly unusable. Add on minimum font size and watch the web turn to a series of completely cut-off boxes of unreadable text.

Liquid layouts are fine but without consideration for the fact that a sight-impaired user may have de-selected "Allow sites to specify fonts" and gone further and set minimum font to something they like (for me its 16-18) , you end up with unusable sites for large parts of the population. People who try to put up with your fonts get a headache from squinting and go somewhere else.

P.S. even as I edit this in a browser with "allow sites to choose their own fonts", I can't read the text easily in the WYSIWIG editor, it's using 10 or 12 and on my high res screen its painfully small.

P.P.S. even sadder, you're losing your visitors who are older and have money - because they are more apt to have bad vision and the highest resolution screens, where 10, 12, 14 are insanely teeny. Good job!