CRTC Fails Canadians , Discourages Telecommuting

The decision is here:

The CRTC decided Bell is not doing anything bad throttling. They denied CAIPs request for it to stop. They think it's important though so they will hold hearings next summer!. As a user on a non-Bell ISP who gets 30-50KB/s 24/7 on ALL PROTOCOLS, this means telecommuting is impossible. Their stall on this decision makes us Canadians look like luddites without a clue - even the FCC got this one (re Comcast). No business considering doing more telecommuting can count on their workers getting even 15% of the 5mbps their ISPs are promising them, pretty much ruling it out for anyone who can't afford to get fast non-throttled business lines to their employees.

If what the CRTC says is true:

“Based on the evidence before us, we found that the measures employed by Bell Canada to manage its network were not discriminatory. Bell Canada applied the same traffic-shaping practices to wholesale customers as it did to its own retail customers,”