Avoid Tucows or Hover for Domain Registration

I had domains registered at IYD, both personal and at work. They got bought by another registrar. They left us users on the "old" system for a while then flipped us to a new backend for managing our stuff.

The first time I went to renew a domain on the new site, Hover.com, I was stunned. I had logged in with the intent to give it a try, and maybe transfer it elsewhere if I had to, say if the price had tripled or something like that.

The new site's interface is one of the worst I have ever used. Finding things is difficult and there appears to be no way to do more than one domain at once. It looks like someone got an AJAX hard-on but didn't test it on actual users before launching. To make it even worse their ticket response time appears to be 1-2 weeks. After a few one-at-a-time transfers I got so upset I said darn-diddly-arn it and decided to give up and transfer all my work and personal domains away from them en-masse. Godaddy was nice enough to give a big volume discount on the transfer :)

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