Asus Service , and F3 cracks

My Asus F3 series , F3SA model , is about 18 months old. It got a tiny crack on the palmrest, I wasn't particularly worried about it. But then it got a hairline crack near the left hinge a few weeks ago. It got a little bigger day by day and finally small pieces of plastic would grind off when closing the lid. I decided to see if they would repair it, went to a local Asus store they told me I would have to check with Asus, they definitely did't have the parts on hand to fix it. So I filed an RMA with Asus , unfortunately on July 4th so I was expecting a long wait. But on July 8th I got a notice that my RMA was approved and a courier would be at my door to pick it up the next day. The courier was expecting a waybill but there weren't any problems. They got my notebook the next day.

I started reading some forums trying to get an idea of repair time and stumbled upon many many people complaining of F3 cracks. I have been buying asus parts for a long time and generally had no problems, so seeing all these reports of a major design problem are still a bit concerning when making new purchases. Some people waited weeks for their cracks to be repaired!

So I waited all weekend, wondering if it would be weeks til I got mine back. Monday I started pricing a barebones kit to get me back up and running "normal" - if you have a single core PC with less than 2GB memory, you are suffering and don't know it. Late Monday though I got an email with a purolator tracking code. No details on the RMA but it was coming back the next day.

It arrived early, I put my hard drive back in at lunch and everything was fine. They replaced the top and bottom body pieces, It was my notebook not a replacement, the ram I changed was there and the stain from a sticker I had on the lid for a long time was there. They even packed the box better than me, double boxing it. Very fast and impressive service, just a nagging question on quality from now on ...

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