Asus F Series Notebooks - Get an F !

Shortly after I had my Asus F3 notebook repaired for cracks all over the body, the screen died. Lucky for me it was not yet past warranty , so yet again I sent it away to be fixed.Asus Markham repair facility was incredibly fast, I got the thing back two days after sending it to them. They replaced the motherboard and LCD, so I've now got a "new"-ish F3 that should crack and fail soon...

I've used Asus stuff and relied on it heavily , I had problems with one model of motherboard but shrugged it off a bit and kept buying their stuff. I have machines that ran 24/7 for years using their parts. The service I got was great, but the quality level of the notebook has been so disappointing that the last few times I've bought parts , when I normally would go into a category and just pick between the Asus models, I'm finding I now look at and buy other brands.

Addendum.. I didn't even wait for the F to fail, I took it apart sold the body and mainboard AS-IS and sold the parts I knew were okay like the CPU, RAM , HDD. I have since started buying Gigabyte UD model motherboards and trying graphics card vendors randomly. I also ended up buying a Sony notebook of similar price and specs, an overpowered CPU model with a crap screen and nothing special,  but so far it's much better than the Asus F series.