Apps are Not The Answer

Imagine if you would, if there were an open, easy to use, well-entrenched platform that could serve PCs, Tablets, Phones, Gaming Consoles and just about anything. No more cross-compiling, learning gotchas on each new version, or accidentally picking the wrong ABI before building.

Imagine further if this platform were so flexible that it didn't rely on binary code. That it was moderately easy to read 10, 15 years later. And modify or update to the newest version.

Since this exists, and has for about fifteen years. I ask you - why are you bothering to make apps? Is not a bookmark or shortcut to your HTML app better for everyone in the long run? Do I need 300 apps on my phone, one for each site I visit? Few I ever open again?

I can see if you're doing games that binary apps make complete sense. Where 1/2 an FPS is a difference. But for just about everything else we have this incredible platform that just works on so many devices and doesn't require building 6 versions of the same thing, just one that has the right CSS.