Antec Sonata Case Review

One of the best components I've ever bought - an Antec Sonata case. I bought this case around 2002 and am still using it. I recently had to shop within a budget for a similar size PC and regret buying a different case than the Sonata (I got an antec with a bigger PS, its loud , I already replaced one fan within months). My Sonata is on 24/7. The computer inside has changed three times, and I recently bought a new PS (That's 7 years 24/7).  Fans are changed more often (every two years roughly) . but it's still the same case. I'm not even sure I wouldn't have got away with changing just the PS fan when it got noisy.


build like a tank , it weighs a ton

the weight seems to dampen sound

it is very hard to chip the paint

Key lock works pretty good

rubberized drive mounts quiet them

Can access everything from one side


Side holes are dust magents

fingerprint magnet

Sometimes annoying cable bends for 90 degree drive placement

This is the best case I have ever used, I expect to still be using it in ten years. They're up to version three now. It always comes with a decent power supply. It costs a bit more than average but not too much and certainly less in the long run. It quiets considerably without having the cost of a specifically silent case , yes some similar with damping material and minor airflow changes would quiet more, but probably cost more. It is solidly built, very heavy metal and nice curved edges on the inside.  The only way I would consider not using this case is A) if cost is a major factor or B) budget allows using a way more expensive silent PC case.